Our Projects

Diadem has worked with some of the best and largest organizations in the energy, mining, agriculture and forestry industries. We have guided countless others with contract and rate negotiations, project design and coordination, engagement with all levels of government, customer identification, external affairs, as well as insights into market trends and opportunities.

Our Clients

Our clients have included firms in the following business sectors:

Business Development

  • Commodity trading and infrastructure investments
  • Private equity focused on resource investments
  • Inland terminals
  • North American marine terminals
  • Engineering companies
  • Bulk export marine terminals
  • Short line railway and provider of rail-related infrastructure and operating personnel and equipment
  • Junior coal developers
  • International coal producers
  • Potash developers
  • International metals mine development
  • Class 1 railways

Supply Chain Logistics Solutions

  • Engineering, procurement, construction and management companies
  • North American coal producers
  • Construction companies
  • Base metals mining development companies
  • Potash developers
  • Base metals producers
  • North American marine terminal operations
  • Transloader/distribution
  • Class 1 railways

Commercial Negotiations

  • Coal mine developers
  • Multi-commodity developers
  • Coal producers
  • Forestry manufacturers
  • Highly experience in negotiating contractual agreements in the rail, port and marine sectors

Government Relations