A large coal carrying ship being loaded at port. Shot from a helicopter (not through glass).
Diadem looks to create value and deliver results by focusing on our clients’ most critical supply chain issues and opportunities. We are problem solvers and strategy builders. Our services include:

– Business Development

– Strategic Advisory Services, and

– End-to-End Supply Chain Logistics Consultation.

Business Development

Helping companies develop Customer Focused Strategies. Diadem helps companies overcome major obstacles, deal with tough decisions and capitalize on new opportunities to achieve results. Diadem methods help businesses:

  • expand into new markets
  • identify and attract profitable customers
  • market to prospective clients
  • coordinate and facilitate with railways, ports and terminals at all levels of their organizations
  • improve end-to-end supply chain productivity and execution
  • manage customer relationships, and
  • liaise with key external stakeholders, including federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Strategic Advisory Services

Empowering clients to see opportunities in their changing environment. Diadem helps companies identify end-to-end supply chain challenges, discover opportunities, identify possibilities and create a roadmap for reaching new goals. Our associates are well versed in the strategic analysis that identifies key strengths and business opportunities and tactics to mitigate issues and risks. Diadem leverages its expansive network to provide new perspective and works with clients to ensure business plans are executed in the most efficient and effective way.

End to End Supply Chain Logistics Consultation

Expert advice to run a better, more productive supply chain. Diadem is well qualified and prepared to help companies assess, plan for and deliver the most appropriate end-to-end supply chain solution. Services include:

  • rate reviews
  • service agreement review
  • contract negotiation supports
  • project review to pinpoint challenges or efficiencies
  • design and development of first to last mile supply chain plan for green-field and brown-field projects, and
  • supply chain, data, metric analytics and efficiency mapping.

If you are interested in learning more about Diadem and our services, download our information sheet: About Diadem

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